September can be tough getting back into our routines.  Making time for everything can be extremely challenging, but with the seasons change it is also exciting!   We have some great local community events to explore this month.  Have you checked out Project 1 yet? 

Orthodontic Consults in Our Office

If your kids have been talking about their friends getting braces, now might be the time to have an Ortho consult in our office! 
When you come in we will discuss treatment options and come up with a financial plan.  Some insurances even have ortho coverage for your children!  Learn more or request a FREE consult.

Community Dentist Grand Rapids, MI

On October 12th we will be at the Trick or Treat Trail event that the Wyoming Kentwood Chamber is hosting.  Please join us and receive free treats from lots of other local businesses! 

Flossing Tips - Dental Health Grand Rapids, MI

Don’t Like Flossing? Try One Of These Methods and Get Your Gums in Shape!

  • Dental Pick 
  • Electric Flossers
  • Oral Irrigator 

More flossing tips here!

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