Dentists In Wyoming Mi

Dr. Eric Langellier

Dr. Eric Langellier is an experienced dentist with his degree from the School of Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois University. Dr. Langellier purchased the Aesthetic Dental Center in Wyoming, MI, in March of 2012.

He has experience performing an array of dental work, making Dr. Langellier not only a family dentist, but a restorative dentist and cosmetic dentist as well. He regularly continues his education to stay current with the latest teachings in dentistry and to further his skill set.

Dr. Langellier and his wife, Heidi, keep busy with their four children. They enjoy cycling, traveling, and serving in the mission field as a family.

Dr. Langellier also has a love for food, cooking, and staying healthy through CrossFit.

Here is a warm welcome from Dr. Langellier himself to all of his current and future patients:

“From the Doc”

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! In our effort to serve you the best possible way, I would love for you to know our vision and how we plan to see that lived out in our office setting. We desire to do things differently. We are not simply about dentistry. We exist to serve you and to make your experience with us an unforgettable one! We want to do this in a couple of different ways…

First, we want to make you as comfortable as humanly possible while you visit with us. Your personal comfort makes the entire dental experience more enjoyable. When we add comfort to the visit, it is much easier to deliver excellent dental care.

Secondly, we care about all of you, not just your teeth. We place a high priority on engaging all of life within our walls. We want to be able to celebrate, laugh, and cry with you. Simply put, we care about YOU!

Lastly, we realize life is more than what happens within our office. We are committed to our local community and the world. We care about the hurting people and how we can enrich our community one smile at a time. We accomplish this through outreach; we love to encourage and uplift any chance we can get!

Encounter the difference! We promise to care for you in all we do!