You’ll never see Dr. Langellier without a smile…or a bowtie.

And here’s the proof!

At Bowtie Dental, you can trust us to always provide comfortable, compassionate care. From the minute you walk through our doors, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you feel welcomed and cared for.

So settle in, grab a cozy mug of coffee or tea, and get to know Bowtie Dental a little better.

Our Infamous Bowties

Our bowtie motif is more than just a gimmick. It’s a reflection of the type of atmosphere we nurture at our dental practice. Dr. Langellier and his team do their best to inspire joy, kindness, and laughter with each patient interaction.

A bowtie is more playful and approachable than a black tie, which is the perfect way to describe Bowtie Dental. During your appointment, Dr. Langellier will not only care for your smile but create treatment plans that are tailored to your specific needs and answer any questions you may have.

Even though most of your life happens outside of our office, we do our best to ensure each patient feels at home. To us, each patient is a member of the Bowtie family.

Emergency Dentistry

We offer emergency dentistry to patients who call our office. During your emergency appointment, Dr. Langellier will ask you about your symptoms, examine the inside of your mouth, and possibly take X-rays. With this information, he’ll be able to diagnose and treat the source of your pain.

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How Bowtie Dental Can Help

We’re always accepting new patients! Our dentist in Wyoming, MI, and his trusted team would be more than happy to help you reach your smile goals. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Langellier, call Bowtie Dental at (616) 532-9003. We hope we hear from you!

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