Unless you’re a snowmobiler, skier, or ice-fisherman, it’s a month the rest of us wishes would pass as quickly as it begins. After all, frozen toes, creaky bones, and chapped lips aren’t usually physical afflictions one desires to endure on a daily basis. Despite the cold, though, there is always something about February that helps melt away all that freeze and warm us up both inside and out – Valentine’s Day. And, of course … chocolate. And, get this! Would you believe it can actually be good for your teeth?
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Why Your Snoring Isn’t As Innocent As You Believe

Does snoring have you at your wit’s end?  Rather than burying your face in your pillow, we can help you! Frequent snoring, particularly when punctuated by moments of “interrupted” snoring, can be signs of a potentially life threatening condition called sleep apnea. It is a serious concern worthy of your attention.  If you haven’t been screened yet in the office, we will give you a questionnaire!


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