June - Fathers Day Small

With Father’s Day around the corner, how are you celebrating dad?  Weather it’s a day at the beach, playing golf or a good ol’ cook out we hope you’re enjoying some quality time!

Now that summer officially here it’s time to take in all that West Michigan has to offer!  It’s a great time to come in for your 6-month visit, or start orthodontic treatment!  When you start ortho treatment it can take a little getting used to, so summer is a great time to adjust before school starts up.

4 Strategies Proven to Help You Form Good Habits and Break Bad Ones.

Good habits foster good lives. Yet sticking with a habit we know is good for us, or quitting one that harms us, is difficult. Why is that? And, is there a way to hack your own mind in order to get on the good habits bandwagon once and for all? Here are some insights that can help!

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