April 2017 Spring Blue

We know you’re busy spring cleaning your home, but don’t forget to check in with your health!  Sure, we’re a little bias towards dental health, but spring is a good time to check in with you.

You may have made resolutions and got a little off track, but it’s only April so there’s plenty of time to keep on pace.  If you’ve resolved to be on time, diet, stop texting in driving or others here are some tips!

April 2017 Spring ToothpasteWhen was the last time you read the ingredient list of your favorite toothpaste brand? Actually, have you ever read the ingredient list? If you’re like most Americans, you’ve become an ingredient-list-reading crazy person these last few years, and it would be wise to add that toothpaste label to your list of reading materials. So, let’s explore the most common ingredients, learn a bit about how they function, and help you make the personal choice to avoid any or not… Read more

2017 Q2 Background Med

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