Spring is finally here and that means taking preventative measures around the house and for your health!


There are other habits that can help your oral health.  Did you know eating leafy greens, like broccoli, can help your teeth from the inside out?  Try this caramelized broccoli with garlic recipe!


Cut down your Spring clean up time with some helpful tips from the pros!  From your landscaping needs to tricks on how to save time this summer while mowing.

1) Pruning – 2) Mulch – 3) Lawn Care

Full tips here!


 April has lots of delicious ‘food days’ including jelly beans, chocolate, nuts and more.  We breakdown the good and the not so good for your dental health.  Hint, it’s better than you think.



Do you have a tax rebate coming your way?  We’re offering $50 off our in office ZOOM whitening.




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