While we’re on our way to the holidays, there’s a few items of business we need to get done and choosing your benefits may be at the top of your list.  So, we’ve summed up a few of our most asked benefits questions!

Benefits explained:
We know choosing benefits can be a challenge, so that’s why we’ve summed it up.  When you’re looking at all the jargon here are some helpful terms to be in the know of.

Co-pay:  Your out-of-pocket cost that is due at each appointment above and beyond your insurance payments.

Deductible:  Your out-of-pocket amount set by your employer that resets every year prior to insurance paying certain services.

In-Network:  A doctor that works with one or more designated insurance companies and accepts the fees the insurance company pays.   You are only responsible for the percentage of out-of-pocket fees beyond that.

Still have some questions?  No problem!  Ask our staff for a Complimentary Benefits Check,we’ll be happy to answer any questions for you and explain any out-of-pocket costs.

No Insurance?  No problem!  We offer an in office savings plan!

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