Whether you’re making your back to school check list or soaking in the last month of summer, we hope you’re enjoying the Michigan weather! 

It’s been a fun filled summer thanks to all of you that make us enjoy coming to work every day.  If you’ve been in in the last month you may have noticed Dr. Adam is not in our office.  Not to worry, he is doing well with his new practice he purchased up north!  We are looking forward to our new associate dentist joining our team, who will begin working in the office in September. 

Get Ready for Fall Sports: Protect Your Teeth with a Custom Mouth Guard!

Did you know that 5 million teeth are knocked out each year during sports activities? Studies show that if you’re involved in a contact sport and you aren’t wearing a mouth guard, you’re 60 times more likely to sustain a dental injury. It’s painful, it’s expensive and it can ruin a fun game season!

We can help by making a Custom Mouth Guard.

Whiter teeth after coffee

Teeth Whitening Tips

Dark drinks getting in the way of your pearly whites?

Wishing for whiter teeth, but still love your coffee? That’s okay! Try rinsing your mouth 30 minutes after enjoying your coffee and these other tips to keep your teeth white!

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